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Andrew Brown: Doerre Intermediate Science Teacher is out of this World

Andrew Brown: Doerre Intermediate Science Teacher is out of this World

Houston, we don’t have a problem, but we do have a NASA educator at Doerre Intermediate!

Science teacher Andrew Brown is bringing his love for NASA to the classroom. He has been invited to participate in this year’s “Sparking Participation and Real-world eXperiences” (SPARX) Education program. The program provides educators with hands-on, standards-aligned activities, training, and resources to help engage students in engineering-based STEM learning. 

“I completed the first-ever SPARX program during the 2021-2022 school year. Although there was no program last year, I am excited to be able to participate again this year with my students,” Mr. Brown said.

Mr. Brown is entering his second year of teaching in Klein ISD and is making a significant impact. This year's SPARX design challenge is to land a variety of objects on the surface of Mars, such as rovers, human encampments, and greenhouses. He plans to take on this year’s design challenge by enlisting students in his advisory class period to work on the project. 

“I plan on utilizing this program as an enrichment activity for the students who are in need of a true challenge,” Mr. Brown said. “The challenge lasts from September to February, which is great because it sets us up for STAAR review time.”

As a long-time educator, Mr. Brown likes thinking outside the box to connect with his students. This 6th and 7th-grade science teacher keeps students engaged by getting to the root of how the subject works and piquing their interests with the labs. 

“If I have at least one good hook a week, they will stay motivated. Students are motivated by labs—one mention of a lab will have them engaged all week.” Mr. Brown said. “Having a variety of supplies and weird science stuff around the room throughout the year also helps. One of the biggest hooks for my students is the ‘Rock of the Week.’”

This school year, Mr. Brown will lead Doerre Intermediate’s Robotics Club. While this will be his first year as the club’s sponsor, it is safe to say that his approach to the classroom will translate well in this extracurricular activity. Mr. Brown’s classroom environment strives to encourage whole student success. 

“We have an environment where every student feels like they are in charge. They are also 100% comfortable with each other within the first month or so of the school year,” Mr. Brown said. “If they hold back, it is not an environment conducive to learning. That’s why I strive to connect with my students.”

We are so blessed to have educators like Mr. Brown instill a love for STEM in our students daily. Thank you for all you do for every student!

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