Doerre School Lockers
Lockers are for storing basic school supplies; paper, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Lockers are not for textbook or clothing storage. Storage space is limited, so give thought to reducing the items students store at school.

Books assigned to students should be taken home when they are issued and only brought to school when the teacher requests students to bring them. Certain classes do require students to bring textbooks daily and those teachers will let their classes know to do so, however most classes have classroom sets and issued textbooks are supposed to go home for student use.

Backpacks tend to be more trouble then they are worth and students would be wise to avoid them. Also, locker shelves take up more room then necessary, magnetic mirrors and pencil holders that students attach to the inside of the locker door interfere with proper door operation and sometimes fly off when locker doors are closed.

Although it may seem nice or fun to personalize a locker with magnetic items or stickers and labels, these items are not to be placed in or on lockers. Magnets usually drop out and get lost and stickers are hard to remove at the end of the year.

Lockers should only be used by the student to whom they are assigned as that person will be responsible for any damage that might occur to the assigned locker. Do not trade lockers with other students. Do not move into another locker that may be empty. If you think you need to change to a different locker for any reason, a locker change request can be completed at the Assistant Principals' office and the request will be considered.

If you are having difficulty with your locker tell a staff member; do not try to pry it open or squeeze it shut on items bulging from the inside. All students should use a lock on their locker. The lock must be purchased from the school. You may use that lock for all 3-years you are at Doerre. Do not share your lock combination with anyone and you should protect your combination as you enter it on the lock dial. If you believe your lock combination has been compromised, please report it immediately. If your lock is missing, check for it at the main office at the school. Many times locks get turned in at the office.