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Memory Book: 
Limited books available. Online Sale Only.

Final day to purchase online is Friday May 19th. Book delivery to students at school will be May 25th, checks accepted on first come first serve basis on May 25th.

 Check your payment history to avoid duplicate orders.
Klein Promise2Purpose
Unite For Understanding
New Student Booklet
Information for incoming 6th graders and students that are new to Doerre.
Attention Doerre Community
Check out the latest happenings at
Klein Cain High School!
Doerre Pride Period
PRIDE Time is used for a multitude of various activities including . . .
Graduation Planning Information
Parent Information Evening
For Parents of students grades 8-10.

Vaccination Requirements
Attention parents of 6th graders

Has your student had the vaccinations that are required in order for them to start 7th grade? If the Doerre clinic does not have record of these, your child will not be allowed to receive his/her schedule or start class the first day of school next fall per Texas state law!

New Texas Laws
Use of Wireless Devices While Operating a Motor Vehicle

The Texas Transportation Code currently prohibits the use of a wireless communication device while operating a vehicle within a school crossing zone.
Doerre School Lockers
Lockers are for storing basic school supplies; paper, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Lockers are not for textbook or clothing storage. Storage space is limited, so give thought to reducing the items students store at school.

Cell Phones and Pagers
Possession of cell phones and pagers are only allowed if they are turned off at all times and not visibly/physically present during regular school hours, including riding the school bus to and from home.

If a student is using any cell phone or pager during the school day or on a school bus to and from school, the school employee observing the student's use of the device will confiscate it. The school employee will turn over the device to his or her administrator/supervisor. The parent will be notified by the administrator to pick up the device at his/her school during school hours after the payment of a $15 administrative fee. Cash or money orders are the only acceptable forms of payment.

Birthday Snack Guidelines
Pursuant to state law, KISD permits parents/guardians or grandparents to bring a birthday snack for their child’s birthday. The following guidelines apply to such snacks:

  • Birthday snacks will be distributed at the end of the lunch period, after students have had a nutritious meal as defined by the School Lunch Program and Texas Department of Agriculture.

  • Written consent from a parent/guardian must be obtained before a student will be permitted to have a birthday snack.

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to obtain birthday snacks through the Klein Food Service Department. With advance notice, the Food Service Department will prepare cupcakes or cookies.

Welcome to Doerre
Serving approximately 1,200 students in grades 6, 7, and 8, Doerre (pronounced Door-ee) is one of seven intermediate schools in the Klein Independent School District located in northwest Harris County, Texas. Since its opening in the fall of 1984, Doerre students have established a reputation for high academic achievement. They consistently score well above state and national averages on state-mandated mastery and nationally-normed tests.

Doerre received the Texas Successful Schools Outstanding Performance Awards in 1992 and 1993. Each year from 1994-2003 Doerre was among a select group of schools designated as exemplary by the Texas Successful Schools Award System. Doerre remains a Texas Recognized School. In area competitions, Doerre students consistently win math, speech, and music contests.

Doerre Intermediate School is committed to providing an academically-sound and socially- focused learning environment in which all students are given the opportunity to achieve to their maximum potential.

Doerre History
Our new Leadership Teams:

A-G Mr. Domino (AP) and Mrs. Collins-Halverson (Counselor)
H-O Mrs. Johnson (AP) and Mrs. Lange (Counselor)
P-Z Dr. Kulhanek-Rochin (AP) and Mrs. Prevost (Counsleor)

Please mark your calendars for these  important dates:

Award Ceremonies Update

We have added several awards to the awards ceremonies to esteem as many students as possible from every core academic and elective area. 

Due to these additions, the ceremonies are likely to run a bit longer than in the past. With that in mind, we have decided to host the 6th grade ceremony at 9:15 a.m. in the cafeteria (as usual), then the 7th grade ceremony will be at 1:35 in the afternoon in the cafeteria, just after PRIDE. 

That same evening, the 8th grade ceremony will be in the gym at 6 p.m.  All 3 ceremonies will be on May 25. Basically, the only change is moving the 7th grade program to the afternoon. We wanted to ensure enough time without bumping into the lunchtime schedule.

The 8th Grade GT Project Display Day

Tuesday, May 30th.  

Projects will be on display for parent/community viewing throughout the school day.

Please mark this down and plan accordingly.

This will be an uplifting event to affirm the many talents of our students and celebrate all the great accomplishments this year.

High School Elective Course Exams
Thursday, May 18 -- Art 1/PHS/TSDE Pt. 1
Friday May 19 -- Health/TSDE Pt. 2/PATH
Monday, May 22 -- DDMP Pt. 1/Geometry Pt. 1/Algebra Pt. 1
Tuesday, May 23 -- DDMP Pt. 2/Geometry Pt. 2/Algebra Pt. 2
Wednesday, May 24 -- Spanish Pt. 1/French Pt. 1/Professional Communications
Thursday, May 25 -- Spanish Pt. 2/French Pt. 2/Communication Applications

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